Friends of the Cineteca di Bologna is a non-profit organization
that operates to raise funds to support Cineteca di Bologna and its core mission

We encourage the restoration, dissemination and preservation of cinema as universal work of art; to make films available to the public and to present the annual Il Cinema Ritrovato; to increase knowledge about film culture through educational programs, training, research and publishing; and to carry on other charitable, educational and scientific activities associated with this goal.



Support Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival

Il Cinema Ritrovato, Cineteca di Bologna major annual festival, was born 31 years ago out of the simple idea that film heritage still needed to be discovered, appreciated and then preserved, restored and programmed on a big screen and in front of an audience. That cinema is and has always been a powerful utopia and possibly the most powerful and transnational artistic expression ever created to understand mankind and its manifestations.

Today, thanks to the support, knowledge and generosity of archives from all over the world, Il Cinema Ritrovato is an internationally established festival, a nine-day journey through time and space: from silent to sound cinema, through all genres, continents and techniques; from XIX century hand-painted films to Cinemascope or Technicolor, from carbon-arc to 70mm screening to live orchestra accompaniments.


Il Cinema Ritrovato is also a place for filmmakers, historians, students and cinephiles to meet and discuss about the present and future of preservation, programming and restoration, including ethical challenges and best practices.

Support our Restoration Projects

Restoration has always been one of the core missions of Cineteca di Bologna, resulting, in the 1990s, in the establishment of L’Immagine Ritrovata laboratory. An in-depth knowledge of film history and practices, a long experience in the field, a careful preliminary philological research together with a state-of-the-art technological equipment, make L’Immagine Ritrovata a leading laboratory in the field of film restoration. 

Among the most time-consuming and challenging on-going restorations is The Keaton Project, restoring 30 titles from Buster Keaton golden era (1920-1928).


Our partnership with entities and organizations such as The Film Foundation, Pathé, Gaumont, Roy Export Company (the Charlie Chaplin Estate) and many others, have led, in the last 20 years to the completion of over 800 restoration projects, including, just to name a few: Luchino Visconti’s The Leopard and Rocco and his Brothers, Jean Renoir’s The Great Illusion, Alain Resnais’ Hiroshima Mon Amour, Jean Vigo’s L’ Atalante, Federico Fellini’s,  and Amarcord, Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in America, as well as Charlie Chaplin’s entire œuvre (81 titles including short, medium and long features).


Support the Modernissimo Theatre

With the restoration of the Modernissimo theatre, Cineteca di Bologna has undertaken a cultural and entrepreneurial challenge. Focusing on the values and ideas that lie at the foundation of Il Cinema Ritrovato, the re-opening of the Modernissimo has a double-faceted mission: to recover a beautiful and historical Art Nouveau theatre that 100 years ago brought into Bologna modern cinematic entertainment – on the one hand – and to disseminate film culture at the very heart of town, in the most democratic, diverse and accessible way.


The Modernissimo will blend tradition with a state-of-the art technology – including a very versatile projection booth equipped to screen all film formats as well as 4K digital packages.

The re-opening of the Modernissimo is scheduled for 2018.
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